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 We established ‘Winners Korea co., Ltd.’ as a pork specialized importing company on August 2001. After moving business place to Ilsan in June 2007, we re-established ‘BH and company co., Ltd.’ who seeks to be a general trading company.

 We first started as an importer as well as a commission agent and have been importing to more than 20 brands including Swift, Banner creek, Bob evans, Olymel, Bonimex, Ultra, Papai, Locks, Toni Josep, Kekén and so on from US, Canada, Belgium, Hungary, Spain and Mexico. In addition, as the only importer in Korea for Kekén, a brand of Kuo Group that is one of top 20 Mexican conglomerate, we have succeeded to become a steady No.1 Mexican pork importer in Korea during the last 14 years.

 Furthermore, the BH and Company has been expanding business by importing fruits, groceries and kitchenware as well. Also, we continuously make an effort to conduct a solid bridge to serve and connect with various cultures and products from all over the world. In order to achieve our goal, we are enlarging our businesses through restaurant franchising, consulting, and global networking to investigate in cultural items.




 BH and Company Co., Ltd.

President Richard Bae

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